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Club Cards

The general concept of Wilbur’s Club Cards is to provide a fun way to build credit for future purchases at Wilbur’s Furniture. We have done this since the 1930’s and it has been very popular.

Each card costs $3 and you pay $2 per week for 38 weeks. Each week we draw a winner and if your number is drawn the rest of your card is paid up by Wilbur’s and you receive $79 credit on your account. If you don’t win your card is still
worth $79 (the amount paid in) when the club is finished, so you can’t lose a penny. You can buy one card or as many as 10. Some people stop in and pay on each card every week, some pay every other week and some people pay a
month at a time. The two key things to remember is that you can’t use the credit until the card is finished (you can pay ahead to finish it and use it) and you can’t win if your card is delinquent (you can of course catch up any weeks delinquent).

As far as paying on the clubs, you can use cash or checks. Although we can accept credit and debit cards for purchases, we are not set up to use them to pay on cards.

Although the most convenient way to pay on the cards is to stop into the store, we do have people that go south in the winter and they mail the cards to us with a check and pay monthly. Any way you choose to participate is fine and the
chances of winning on any club are pretty good!





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